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Thoughts After a Well-Spent Summer

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, looking at my last blogpost, one could imagine myriad of blogs posted containing lots of adventurous moments, my feelings about numerous places, recommendations for future tourists and all that sh*t. Even I was imagining about posting at least once a week, whether about usual travel stuff or some geeky topics. However, I did not post anything ever since.

Do I fill regret? Not a bit. Because I now know that I blog whenever I feel like I do not have anything to do -or I feel I am not social enough :D. Anyway, finally I feel like writing something, and hopefully this blogpost will be the start of regular blog postings :P.

About my travel; nothing could have been better. DC is a wonderful place, and according to the vast majority, DC is one of the best places to live in the US. Besides, me being grown up in a tiny city and in a very small community, I admit I liked DC more intimately. If you would ask, how much do I know about the other cities in US, I know none. Except that I have been to New York City twice and I spent 4 days there. Well, I must also admit that, NYC is a great city. But as other great cities, living there is much more complicated than one would think. And frankly, I would never want to live there(this sentence might be subject to deletion if some day, for some reason I must live in NYC). However, everyone who goes to the US must see New York.

About my work; besides my commute which takes 3 hours at least for round-trip, everything was also perfect. Although I leave geeky stuff for another post, I must say that I learned a lot both in terms of new concepts and academic practices.

I know that this post can only be an introduction to what I can say about my summer spent in the US. But leaving the details for some other future posts makes me feel like I am an important person whose fans are out there waiting impatiently for my upcoming posts 😛

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