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iPhone Speculators Please Stop Speculating These!

Now that an amount of time has passed after Apple announced new iPad, people can focus on new iPhone rumors. Major topic is the screen size and another one that bugs me is DSLR lens mount, which is not as common. I have been keeping my ideas to myself but after I saw a design that has both of these, I thought that’s enough.

Screen Size

Frankly, I do not see any reason why Apple would do that. It already literally owns tablet market and as we see the new iPad is sold way more than expected. It is obvious that making screen size bigger, hurts iPad sales.

And also in my personal opinion(I am small handed BTW), most important thing about a phone is mobility and seriously this single feature is what makes it different than a tablet. Here we can also consider usability in mobility. I would like to be able to use my phone with my single hand in most of the situations. I believe women will support me more in this subject 🙂

DSLR Lens Mount

I have been thinking for almost 10 minutes whether I should just write “Seriously?!” under this heading, yet I decided to put some sentences. I know 4S’s camera is super awesome for a mobile phone bla bla bla, but come on! This is not a camera. Who wants to carry a lens(or most likely multiple lenses) with them all the time? “They will carry when they want to take photographes” you might say. But if anyone goes outside for the purpose of taking photographs I think they would have some sort of camera. Whether they are professional photographers or amateur hobbyists I do not think anyone would find that useful.

What should new iPhone have?

I do not heard any plausible rumor so far (people even talked about a sliding keyboard!!), and I do not know anything that Apple should add to new generation iPhone. But it is obvious that they will add some “flagship” stuff in order to be able to make a good “the new iPhone” presentation. Apple generally finds something that makes anyone(including me sometimes 🙂 ) want whatever iThing they introduce. I am doubtful about whether new iPhone will have such “thing”, but unexpected makes it magical, doesn’t it!

Other than that, I personally expect some remarkable updates on their current hardware. Maybe an extra strong processor, a battery that lasts twice longer, even more user-friendly iOS or even sharper and lively Retina display. No matter how wonderful “the new iPhone” will be, I must say I will stick with my Desire S, which has what I can “currently” ask from a phone.

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